Wrap on Alessandro Gassmann’s new film “Il Silenzio Grande!”

A chaotic, dysfunctional family with all its conflicts, misunderstandings, and pregnant silences, forms the basis of Alessandro Gassmann’s latest feature film “Il Silenzio Grande” on which, shooting wrapped this Friday.

“I’ve always believed that De Giovanni’s theatre work could be firmly anchored in a film context and that it offers great cinematic potential”, Gassmann insists. “In this film, we talk about family, inescapable change, and the passing of time, and we do so in the middle of the 1960s in Posillipo, Naples, through a family which must come to terms with living a life different to the comfortable one they’d thus far enjoyed. Il silenzio grande is a film full of light and dark, silences and explosive words, laughter, differing outlooks, anxieties; where everyone speaks but no-one really listens”.

In the words of the producers: “We’re proud of this film and happy to be able to bring a wonderful story to life on the big screen – one which has created such a buzz and known such success in the biggest Italian theatres over the years”.

Source: Cineuropa